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25 - 27 December, 1 - 2 Jan 2017)
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Key Stage 1 workshops

We offer a wide range of workshops for schools. You can build a day by choosing 1 hour and 2 hour workshops to suit your needs, perhaps adding a self-guided visit to the galleries too. Or have us come to you to deliver a classroom workshop.

Our workshops focus on historical, geographical and scientific themes, but include elements of maths, literacy and citizenship too.

Follow these links for pricing details and booking, or get in touch for more information.


Classroom workshops

Playgrounds of the Past

Learn about playground games of the past and have a go at making a chatterbox.


Find out about seaside holidays from the past and make your own seaside journey.

seaside at Sandbanks

1 hour workshops

In Living Memory

Find out about how life has changed (and stayed the same) since the time of our grandparents.

Trade Through Time

Learn about how Poole merchants brought wealth to the town and have a go at trading yourself.

Where I Live

Find out what makes Poole unique. Have a go at doing some historical research using maps and other sources.

learning at Poole Museum

2 hour workshops 

Harry Paye - the famous Poole pirate

Find out about Poole's pirate, Harry Paye and go on an adventure across the sea.

Homes Long Ago

Find out what were Victorian homes in Poole like.

Looking at Plants and Trees

Learn about the local habitats of Poole.


Find out about bugs and insect life at Upton Country Park.

Mrs Jolly's Jubilee

Step back to Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 and help prepare for the celebrations.

Outdoor Art

Make giant 3D artwork using natural materials. Find out about artists who work in this way.

Toys Through Time

Find out about toys from the past in our very special toy room.

Who Eats What

Find out more about the animals at Upton Country Park, their habitats and their food.

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