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Takeover Day 2014 Blog

Six young people from across Poole have been selected to 'take over' Poole Museums Service on Friday 21st November 2014 as part of the national Takeover Day scheme. This blog details their journey.

The Museum was Taken Over!

Trudie ColePosted by Trudie Cole at 25/11/2014 13:53:47
Takeover Day 2014

It's been pretty busy at Poole Museum. So although, we haven't blogged about Takeover Day for a while, I can assure you we've all been working hard including the young people.

Since the last post, the young people trained on meeting and greeting, working in the museum shop, doing historical research and answering local history enquiries. As well as all this they prepared tours and talks for museum visitors.

Last Friday the young people arrived at 9.30 am looking very smart and ready to become the public face of Poole Museum. Unfortunately, not all the young people were able to come. A clash over an overnight school trip meant that half the cohort were in another county. A further drop out happened because one of the youngsters moved schools on Takeover Day itself. That meant we were down to two young people. At the end of the day the two who took us over confessed that they felt quite nervous at the beginning of the day, particularly as it was all down to them. However, they need not have worried, they did brilliantly. In fact, they asked if they could come back and do it all again next year!

Poole Museum is traditionally quite quiet on Takeover Day - Fridays in late November don't tend to be very busy, but last Friday was an exception. This meant the young people greeted a group of young mum's coming along to our regular baby signing group, gave tours to a large group of visitors, answered lots of history enquiries and were on patrol as a school visited. Lunch was also memorable as staff gathered with the young people to share pizza and experiences. Michael Spender, Museum and Arts Manager, outlined his role at Poole Museum Service and answered some very apposite and thoughtful questions from the young people, including tricky questions about funding.

Both young peolple agreed that they had thoroughly enjoyed the day, but particularly enjoyed being on the Front Desk. They gave some useful suggestions in terms of how we can change things usefully for next year. They also agreed to come back and give an insight into what it's like to 'takeover' Poole Museum for next year's cohort.

Museum staff were equally delighted to have been involved and really enjoyed being taken over. We're already planning next year. . .

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