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Special Projects

Bearwood Roundhouse

Following an extremely successful celebration of Magna Carta's 800th anniversary last year Bearwood Primary and Nursery School got a taste for delving deeper into history. During an enrichment project last Autumn pupils interviewed museum archaeologists who excavated prehistoric settlements near to the school.

Pupils found out that there had been an Iron Age roundhouse on the field next to the school and decided to build there own. Poole Museum have been working with staff and pupils from Bearwood to deliver the project. This has involved thinking about the design of the house, gathering materials (including coppicing wood), fundraising and will shortly involve the build itself. 

One of the best things about the project has been the opportunities for cross-curricular work and in particular weaving real life maths problem solving and reasoning in.

Young Curators

The young curators meet once a month to advise Museum staff. Recently the group have been feeding back on the warmth of the welcome and the family area. You can read more on the Young Curators blog.

Young People take over Poole Museum

Takeover Day

Six young people from across Poole will take over Poole Museum on 21st November as part of the national Takeover Day initiative. The young people will staff the front desk and the Poole History Centre, they will answer local history enquiries, take responsibility for the public face of the Museum and give object tours and talks to the Museum's visitors.

The young people have signed up to six weeks of after-school training, showing significant and dedicated commitment.  

You can find out more about the project as it unfolds on the Takeover Day 2014 blog.

Forgotten Voices

Students from Poole High School researched the history of slavery and abolition in Poole. They then worked with local historian and poet Louisa Adjoa Parker to explore the themes through creative writing. You can find more out about the project and read the poems the young people created through the project blog.  



Students taking part in drama workshops at Scaplen's Court
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